Super & Mega Yacht Insurance / Crew Insurance / Crew Benefits


Hull & Machinery – Protection & Indemnity – Loss of charter Income 

We compare and optimise all forms of insurance proposed by the best marine brokers and underwriters.

We establish a clear comparison allowing you the choice of the insurance and the insurer.

We negotiate the best prices, the best guarantees and the best conditions for renewal.

We guarantee reductions of 20% to 70% on your current insurance premium.

We provide a follow up each year so that you always receive the best level of guaranties and pay the right price.

We will always optimise your compensation in the event of an incident,whether you were responsible or not, with regard to the insurer.

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We provide healthcare insurance worldwide for sailors of all nationalities.

– Health and Accident Insurance All Inclusive
– Repatriation
– Death and Permanent Disabilty
– Temporal Total Disability

No distinction between your private and professional life

– Flexible Contract:  From 3 months to 1 year
– Online Reimbursement
– Family Plan
– Online Platform for Captain & Manager

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Because the life of a sailor is different from common employee, they require specific guarantees and advice.

– Legal insurance adapted to your profession and your responsibilities on board the vessel.

– Tax Help. We optimise your income and savings

– Mortgage, loan, investment, retirement. We have solutions tailor made for you.

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