The MLC 2006 that came into force in 2011 has edited the rules of mandatory basic social protection for commercial vessels.
See Section IV
9 branches have been edited to reach a regime of basic social security for all sailors, including 3 mandatory ones which can be covered by a system of private insurance:

– Sickness and accident benefits
– Compensation in the case of death or permanent, partial or total disability due to an accident
– Daily allowances in the event of accident or illness

None of these points should make a difference between private and professional life.
The coverage of the sailor must be nominative and cover him 24/7 for the entire duration of his employment contract.


The insurance may be purchased individually or in a group.
– For the individual, the subscription can be done directly through our form in the “Individual subscription” section
– For a group subscription we set up a tailor-made plan.

The rates, shown on this site, concern individuals only.

Individual Subscription is possible from 18 years up to 65 years.
A waiver is possible beyond that age but a medical questionnaire will be requested from you.

No age limit for group subscription

All sailors: On board, on land or seeking employment
We are flexible to adapt to the life of the sailor.
The minimum commitment duration is 3 months up to one year renewable by tacit agreement.
Termination is possible at any time. Maximum of 2 months noticed

The insurance may be underwritten in Euro €, US Dollars $ and Pounds Sterling (£). The levels of guarantees will be adapted to the currency of subscription.
Payment may be made by bank transfer, direct debit or by bank cheque. Cash is not accepted.


In the event of an incident causing death (Loss Of Life) of the insured party or a Partial or Total Permanent disability (PTD), a sum called Capital is paid to the insured party or his beneficiaries.
NO. The insurance compensates without minimum incapacity.
Accident is a sudden event during the duration of the contract. The cause or one of the causes of which, is beyond the control of the INSURED PERSON and causes physical injury to the INSURED PERSON.
ILLNESS Is a damage to the health of the INSURED PERSON, that was not caused by an ACCIDENT, and which shows objective and undeniable symptoms established by a MEDICAL PRACTITIONER.
When an incident (accident or illness) occurs during one’s contract of work causing a temporary stoppage and a loss of income, insurance supports the salary of the sailor.
No. Daily allowances are linked to a labour contract. The compensation is paid to the shipowner


The Insurance will continue to pay if a crew is still in our database.

We will extend the cover duration as long as necessary.


The insurance works like social security + health insurance.
You are covered in your daily life both at home and at work.
NO. You are covered from the first day of the insurance!
YES. The insurance is global. This is not simple travel insurance but global social coverage.
For example: You have subscribed your insurance in Euros and you are cared for in Australia. You have the choice of being reimbursed in Euros on your Euros account or in Australian Dollars on your Australian account.
All medications prescribed by the physician are reimbursed.
Yes. Physiotherapist, osteopath, acupuncture, chiropractor
Yes in day care medicine (medical doctor, specialist, physiotherapist, optician, etc.)
Not in the case of hospitalisation (more than one night in hospital). With your insurance card, the hospital team will be in direct contact with the insurance to support the reimbursements.
The insurance bases repayments on real costs.
On a cost of 50, we base the repayments on 50. You are reimbursed this amount at 100% or 80% depending on the formula you subscribed to.
Between 48 hours to 2 weeks
For any request for reimbursement you will have access your personal space where you can file your care sheets and invoices after having scanned them.
No mail to send, no risk of losing sheets!
Yes, we cover care related to pregnancy up to the birth.
Everything: From simple descaling to dentures
You are covered for glasses, frame and contact lenses
The insurance has been specially built for the sailor. It covers tens of thousands of sailors in the world, in the merchant navy, yachting, cruising and the offshore industry.